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Podden om Hantverksbira, Episode 48, Cask Ale at The Old Brewer

I got the opportunity to visit the gastropub The Old Brewer in Stockholm. This to learn more about cask ale and also experience cask ale at a pub that has been rewarded with the Timothy Tailor´s Champion Club. I got the chance to have a look in the cellar of The Old Brewer and then a nice chat with Gary who is one of the employee of the pub. Gary really opened up the world of cask ale for me and learned me about the handling, serving and culture of it. I can only give you one advise – Listen and learn 😊 I had a great evening in The Old Brewer Public House & Dining Room and will certainly revert next time I´m in Stockholm. Thank you Martin for making this visit possible.

You´ll find the episode via this link or at Google Podcast.


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