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Podden om Hantverksbira, Episode 22, Bonus Episode - Protokoll Berlin / English Version

Hi and welcome to episode 22 of the podcast about craft beer / Hantverksbira. This time I´ve got the pleasure to talk to Vadim from Protokoll Berlin He recently been in Sweden for the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival. The amazing craft beer from Protokoll is found at the stand of Hoppylicious Craft at the Festival. Vadim is really an entrepreneur, who has started two craft beer pubs in Berlin, Protokoll Berlin and Manifest Taproom. He is also running the ghost brewery Protokoll Brewery. We get to hear the fascinating story about Vadim and Protokoll Berlin trip from almost nothing to now being a considerable player of the craft beer scene in Berlin. Be prepared for an episode in high speed because Vadim is a guy who has a lot to tell us 😊 We talk about collabs, tap takeovers new trends and much much more. The superb craft beer from Protokoll Berlin is heading for the Swedish market through their Swedish importer Hoppylicious Craft. I hope you enjoy this episode and feel free to send me feedback.

Link to the episode on Spotify below. It´s also available on Google Podcast.


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